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There are many different personality tests available. There’s a high probability that you also filled one out at some point. However, the results of most tests tend to be rather generic, which means that you quickly fall into a generic profile.These generic tests will place you in static categories and you will soon have the same profile as your colleagues. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had the same outcome? No more tension, no more arguments, etc. Well we disagree, because not even identical twins have the exact same profile. We are composed of trillions of different cells. An organic exact duplicate of your DNA is statistically near impossible. That’s why Big5profiles offers a broad(er) view into your uniqueness. You’ll get insight into the personality of yourself, other people and teams as a whole.


We all differ from each other and that is what makes us so intriguing to one another. Ever heard the saying: “Everyone knows something you don’t (know).” We all have a unique combination of qualities that define our personality and therefore took us down different paths during our upbringing. It’s amazing and slightly mind-boggling how we are all different. But the headache really comes along when you ask yourself: “How do we know where we have similarities or are very different?” It’s both highly unlikely to have exactly an organic duplicate of yourself walking around, but it’s also most improbable that there’s someone out there that’s 100% different. You can answer the question by testing your personality. Your personality is very stable and only changes ever so slightly over the years. Only major traumatic experiences can bring about a major change in your personality.

Big5profiles provides insight into 30 different facets that determine personality and tells you what this means for you. With our unique presentation and intuitive interface you will not only learn more about yourself, but you’ll also be enabled to learn more about the people around you. That can be overwhelming at times, but fortunately there are no good or bad personalities. Because we believe that you are and should always be in charge of the information about your personality, this information is only shared with others if you allow it yourself. We made sure that the information about your personality isn’t buyable by any organization that works with Big5profiles. Your personality profiles will always be your data and that’s that! We chose this structure because we refuse to enable employers more information than you. For example: if you change jobs, you can simply remove your personality profile from employer A and share it with employer B whenever you want (or not at all).

Team personality

When you start working together with other people within a company or an organization, the personalities of the people who work together also form a collective personality. We call this personality the team personality. This team personality is defined by all persons who are part of the team. As soon as team members change, the personality of the team also immediately changes.

If you want to work well together within a team, it is important that you consider this team personality. If it is not well balanced,tensions tend to build up within a team. Big5profiles presents in a unique way what the personality of the team is like and what influence the different team members have on this balance. Based on this valuable information, you can work as a team in a more relaxed and more effective manner of working together.


Everything we do involves expectations. If you ask 10 different employees what they expect from a luxury holiday, you will get a different answer from each of them. This also applies to the manager of teams. Because they have a clear expectation of their team. It is often difficult to adequately map out what this expectation precisely is. With Big5profiles, teams are able to measure the manager’s expectations in 30 various personality facets. These facets correspond to the 30 areas that define the team personality. Our unique interface immediately and clearly shows expectations and how they relate to what the team can deliver (team personality).

Differences in expectations and the reality of a team personality are expressed in percentages. Based on the differences, the areas of tension are made visible with a traffic light colours scheme. If expectation and reality are too far apart, this can cause a lot of stress within a team. Big5Profile’s solution provides real-time a real-time visualization of these differences. You can see what the influence of changes within the team are with an interface showing the distance between expectations and reality. When looking for a new team member, you can focus on improving the balance within the team and make sure you don’t only hire a set of skills: but also a person that actually fits the team. The overview provides the perfect point of reference for a team to discuss the areas in which the expectation deviates too far from what you are trying to achieve as a team. This way you can engage in a conversation with each other, talk out tensions and to grow as a team.

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