Team optimization

Big Five Personality test for Agile coaches and Scrum masters

Chart the expectations of a team manager (Scrum master, Product Owner or Agile coach) and discover how (much) they differ from reality (meaning: comparing what is expected from a team versus what the personality composition is). The focus areas help you identify the pain points and improve your team without you having to do your own research.

Get to the point and optimize your team

To find out what a team really needs you need to dig deep as an Agile coach or Scrum master. This often takes a lot of time. Time you actually wanted to spend on real coaching.

That’s why the personality test is the solution you are looking for. The extensive report provides insight into what drives someone, motivates them. And it shows why someone responds in a certain way. You often only need 1 session of coaching to gain insights into the personality of the coached colleague. Want to experience how a Big Five Personality Test works and improve your team?

Identify team challenges

Expectations are high when it comes to teams. But are those expectations realistic? Is the team able to meet those expectations? What if the team can’t meet them, what are the consequences?

In many cases, inappropriate expectations lead to stress. This stress reduces productivity and downtime. This can be prevented by looking closely at the needs of the team. The unique Big5Profiles Team Personality Test helps with you zoom in on this issue. It provides insight into what the team can achieve, but also maps out the expectations placed on the team. As a result, stress levels take a nose-dive. Invite your teammates to a free, no strings attached trial period of two weeks and experience how your team will improve.

Increase productivity

Self-knowledge allows people and companies to grow. When your employees know themselves and your teams know themselves: you’ll notice that the newly found confidence in self-knowledge empowers team members.

If your expectations of a team and the reality of the team composition match said team. Only then will the productivity of your employees and teams increase. Are you ready to lead your team(s) towards new heights?

Want to optimize your team too?

The Big Five Personality Test provides you tremendously valuable information, but how do you go about actively getting the most out of it? Every week we’ll send insights on how you can effectively use the information from the personality test. There is obviously a possibility to opt-out at any time.