Sustainable growth

You have been growing all your life. Every day you experience new events and develop new ways of looking at and doing things. This is no different in your professional world. The way we work together has changed a lot over the years. Where you used to have a boss or manager who told you what to do, you now have a team leader or manager who mainly supports you. With all these changes, we as humans have to grow in order to remain effective.


Once upon a time, you were literally told how to do your work (as an employee). Nowadays you are now increasingly expected to be self-organized as a team and supposed to find the best way to do the work yourselves. By providing teams with the right insights, you enable them to take control of their own entity. They probably know what they are good at, but there are most likely areas of tension being overlooked. The team improves working together because they understand each on a personal level and know exactly what their team manager expects of them. This makes them more self-managing and, as an individual, they feel more responsible for what the team as a whole does.

There is more acceptance for one another if you know each other why someone does what he or she does. You can better respond to each other by, for example, by changing the way you communicate because you know that the other person will then better understand you. This creates a relaxed and motivating working environment that challenges you to get the most out of yourself and each other. Think about it: by working on the way you communicate once, you can afterwards pretty much always streamline the communication to be more on point and motivating with each other. Why wouldn’t you, right?

Micro-enhancements at a time

When you work together effectively as a team, you can most probably achieve more than you ever could have as an individual. Through the insights you have about yourself, each other and the team, you can improve from the inside out. What are you good at and what behavior would you like to change in yourself as a person? If you know who you are, you can start working on a better version of yourself.

Help employees use their creativity and let them plan and perform their own work as they see fit. Give them the responsibility they deserve and so that they really feel involved in the organization through their work. Because as the best employer in your country, you want to make both your company and your employees a little better every day.


Everyone’s looking for something different in his or her job. One employee might like to pursue a career and move up the corporate ladder, the other wants to further develop his or her specialism and become as competent as possible. By knowing where his or her strength lies, you as an organization are able to help employees get the best out of themselves and thus grow to their and your full potential. In this way you not only bind employees to your company, but you also become enormously interesting for new employees. We’ll let you in on a little secret: investing in your employees is powerful employer-branding.

When your office becomes a zone of comfort and you enjoy the work you do, you experience a significantly lower amount of stress. And stress is the biggest cause of many work-related health complaints. Nobody enjoys being sick. By paying attention to the personality of employees, you are able to effectively respond to the happiness and health of employees. This results in less stress, more effectiveness and less absenteeism. That is a nice WIN-WIN situation, don’t you agree?

Tips to keep growing sustainably

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