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We believe it’s extremely important to empower individuals with self-knowledge. That is why we offer the individual personality test and profile against no charges whatsoever.

The free individual personality test and profile

  • Insight into 30 of your personality traits
  • An overview of your 10 behavioral preferences
  • Enable you to share your profile on LinkedIn or on your CV

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But you’re a commercial business, right?

Of course we also make some revenue. Otherwise, the company wouldn’t be able to survive. In addition to the free version for personal use, we also offer a business version for teams in companies. Which is why you would be helping us immensely when you share your Big5Profiles individual results on your LinkedIn (and CV).

The Teams edition costs per team € 99 p / m and brings the needed value to teams aiming to better their performance. We offer:

  • Full access to the individual and team profile with 30 personality traits
  • Clear insight between team expectations and reality
  • Direct insight into the main areas of strain

You can try the Teams solution for 14 days, no strings attached.

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