“Get to better know yourself with the Big 5 Personality test.”

What are you talented at? What drives you most? The free Big 5 Personality test will show you all that.

Big 5 Personality test

The Big 5 Personality test helps you gain access to insights into your personality. Your personality is a unique combination of openness to experience (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious), conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless), extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved), agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. challenging/callous) and of course neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident).

The Big5Profiles personality test gives you an easy to read overview of complexity which is the combination of factors that makes up your personality. In which the underlying character traits are also made transparent. This gives you valuable information about your own personality. The Big Five Personality test therefore gives you an extremely detailed picture of who you are. Are you ready to delve into your identity completely free of charge?

Your personality, your behavior

Your personality has a major influence on how you behave. Your unique Big Five combination therefore paints a rather accurate picture of your natural behavior.

You will gain insight into no less than 10 behavioral characteristics. This way you discover how you deal with impulsivity, what your most effective learning style is and learn more about how you deal with anger. Curious about what we can analyse about your behavior?

Show who your are

Many CVs and cover letters look the same. Not surprising, of course, because there are a lot of recycled templates out there and most educational systems use aforementioned templates. Do you want to stand out between the other applicants? Then create a free profile. You can easily share your personality profile via your own personal link. Place the link on your CV and you will not only show what skills you bring to the table, but also what kind of person you are. Think about it: if you make the top 5 and you’re the only applicant that included an overview of your personality … then you’re obviously the safe choice. This means that you’ll get the first invitation.

Psst, you self-employed lot out there … this will help you to find assignments. Share your personal link on your LinkedIn profile and you will become even more appealing to clients.

Free tips and tricks on how to actively work with your personality insights

Ok, so now you know more about yourself. Great, but how do you put that information to use? We’ll send you weekly updates with actionable tips and tricks.