What are your expectations?

You have expectations of everything. The food you’ll get served in a restaurant. The movie that you are going to watch. But also about the people around you. Expectations are a good thing. It is a mechanism that helps to react on the right way and do the right things.

If the food in the restaurant is dissapointing, you probably will not return to that restaurant. If, at the end of the movie, it was dissapointing, you will say something like “What a bad movie”. This is not a conclusion of the quality of the food in the restaurant or the quality of the movie itself. Your expectations just didn’t match what you got in reality.

This system is also in place with your expectations of the people around you. For this reason some releationships will end or dissatisfaction arises. You expect something from someone else that he or she cannot deliver.

Expectations at work

At work expectiation play an important role. You have some expectations about your colleagues and they have expectations about you. On teamlevel there are expectations also. Both, from eachother and from the organization outside the team.

When you work in a Scrum team, the mechanism of the Retrospective will help to ajust the expectations to eachother. The expectations from outside is a whole other story. For that there is not a direct solution from the Scrum framework.

Still it is important to talk about that subject. What will happen if the team didn’t meet expectations? Should we stop the team? Do we need to send the whole team on a cource?

What are your expections on work?

What to expect?

Sure, you can send the team out to the forrest for teambuilding and let them carry tree trunks through a dense forrest. The question is whetever this will help the team to meet the expectations. Maybe it is way better to first review the expectation of the team. Are the expectations real? Is that what you expect, really necessary?

Immagine that you expect from your team that they come up with immense innovative ideas. On the other side, you as teamleader, want peace and regularity. Because of that you have a very clean office setup for your team. It is common sense that, because of that, there will be a total lack of creativity and inspiration. You stripped of all incentives to invent something new. You will delegate all the new work to the teammembers and when ready, they give it back to you. You have total control and your teammembers will not come with innovative ideas. That is not what you want!

Beside that, the question rises if it is necessary what you expect. If the way of work as desribed above works for you and the persons in your team, and the organisation is happy with the results, why should you change something about it?

We need to talk about our expectations

We need to talk

The most important part of expectations is talk about them. Unpsoken expectations often lead to disappoinments. After all, the other don’t know what you expect from him or her. The chance that someone will meet your unspoken expectations is really small.

Also talk about the reason you expect something. Sometimes this will help you to find out that your expectation don’t help to get te wanted results. In that case it may be better to adjust your expectations.

Know your expectations

Handsome difficult, to determine what you expect. Especially when you know that most expectations are not easy black or white. Imagine that you expect innovation from your Scum team. How innovative needs the team to be? Do they have to come up with new ideas al the time? What will that impact the ongoing work that needs be done?

The expectations can be made visible with help of the Big5Profiles team analyses. These analyses give you insichts in the degree of expectation the team can deliver. These insights give you a lot of subject to talk about with your team and organization. It doesn’t matter a lot if the result is that you have to adjust your expectations or that the teammembers have to change the way they work. Fact is that you are talking and investigate the best way to work to deliver the best possible results.

Expectations versus reality. Talk about them in your Scurm team.

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