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Agile team insights

On a daily base we work together intensively. It doen’t matter if you work together in an office or remote with the help of the large range of available tools. In all cases you want to do deliver good work as a team and beside that have some fun. For that reason, a lot of teams use tools to get insights about their collaboration. These tools give insights in hte personality of the teammembers and the team. Teams work, armed with the gathered insights, together to a more stable and effective way of working. But how do you keep those insight topical? Because what is the value of a not topical team profile? How do you handle changes in the team?

Why a team profile will help you grow

You work hard with your colleagues within a team to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction or joint goals. Therefore you need intensive contact with your colleagues. There is a lot of consultation and meetings. But not everyone in the team is always aligned. If that is the case, it is possible that meeting will take up more time then expected. During meetings, heavy loaded discussions can arise with te result that teammembers have difficult to work together.

The consequence can be that the ambiance in the team is completly lost. In the most worse case, first valued teammembers can deside that they need more space and finally leave the organization. Sad, because it wan’t that way before. What went wrong? Is it realistic to know how much every teammember can handle? And what puts the capper on it.


It is not weird that tension within a team rises and at some point communication will break. Every teammember has his or her own personality and own way of communication. The most job applications don’t ask for your personality but for you competences. On the other hand is there almost no insights about the teamcomposition en personality of the team. It is not thinkeble that everbody can cooperate with everybody, but we keep trying that when we compose teams.

Tension is who you think you have to be. Relaxation is who you are.

Because of his personality, colleague A preferes a more business like and direct way of communication. Colleague B preferes a more informal and casual way of communication. To get a beter view on eachothers personality, and in that way the preferred way of communication and behavior, tooling is used. By using personality tests we get insights of eachothers preferences so we get a better understanding of eachother. On teamlevel we get insights on the personality of the team. Based on this information you can start with your team to remove those tension areas.

A team is in contant movement

Verandering vindt plaats, of je het nu leuk vind of niet.

You just read why having insights in personality of your teammembers is important. If your reach your common goals the mutual chemestry and communication are decisive. There is, on the other hand, a big challange when you work with teamprofiles. A team is never cast in concrete. When time passes by there are changes that affect the composition of the team. There can be an internal shift, causing teammembers to leave your team and others join your team. Also people may leave your organization and will be replaced by people from outside the organisation. All this affects the composition of your team and by that, it affects the collaboration.

When you create a teamprofile, you create a snapshot of the team and it’s members. Because of that the insights will be valueable as long the team stays without changes. On the moment somthing is changing, the snapshot will become invalid and worthless.

Changes within the oranizations and teams are unavoidable. A picture of your circle of friends from 10 years ago will look probably very different today. This also counts for teams. For that reason it is important to constantly move the teamprofile with the team. Not just a picture, but more like a movie.

Always the right insights

To have an always actual team profile, every change in the team should be reported straight away. Because the team is moving constantly the team profile must be updated to the new situation. The information and insights move symultanously with changes in the team. You want that the information is just as agile as your team is. That way you can respond directly to the changes in the organization or the team. As team you will be optimal agile and you can perfom on the best you can.

Finaly, you will be enabled to map the expectations from different individuals with actual team dynamics. That will make you as, Scrum master, Product owner or Agile also agile. You will be able to change your own attitude to the needs of your team and common teamgoals.

Big5Profiles will help you to get actual insights on the personality of your teammembers and team, at any time. The differences between expectations on the team and the reality the team can deliver will be compared. Armed with those insights you can work on a more effective, fun and overall healthy way. This way of work will prevent a mismatch betweeen ‘what is expected’ and ‘what is possible’.

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