Team improvement starts with the individual

Avoid needless stress with insights in the individual

In practice

Team management nowadays heavily focuses on the processes, instead of the most important resource: the people. And this causes stress.

An unbalanced team that is pushed on processes can cause a lot of stress. Stress then has a negative impact on productivity and job satisfaction. Would you like to know more about challenges that teams and their managers face?

There is an alternative

Big5Profiles’ solution enables teams to make individual insights transparent and team composition can then be compared to the expectations of Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Coach.

As a team manager you have a dual position: you stand between the organization and your team. How do you deal with changes and bring out your team’s full potential?

Big5profiles helps team managers reach new heights. Would you like to know more?

Bring down the walls that cause stress
Go for stress-free sustainable growth with your teams

Stress-free sustainable growth

This provides insight into where the team can improve and optimize team performance.

By improving, little by little, every day as a team, you can continue to grow sustainably and up your game. Pave your road towards a better and more fun way of working.

You don’t need to be sick to get better.

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As an individual, where do you want to go to?

Where are you right now and what do you aspire to achieve?

When you wish to change as a team, then there’ll always be a cause for that choice. Change isn’t a simple thing,, you always have a goal or result in mind. But where do you start? What are realistic milestones? How flexible and adept is the team considering the goals in mind? What would you like to change and why?

Once you have answers to these questions you can start your journey towards better cooperation and improved results. Not only that, but you’ll notice and increase in fun in everything you do as a team to boot.

How do you get the right insights when comparing expectations and reality?

The right insights make the difference

Both you and your colleagues are unique, cool stuff right? This fact is exactly what makes interaction with each other so much fun, well: when you know each other well enough and you know how best to communicate with each other. Team optimization starts with individuals better understanding each other, thus improving their communication.

When you work well together, you can achieve results that surpass all expectations. There’s no difference when it comes to team optimization: improve communication with your teammates and accomplish more than you all thought possible. Optimization starts with insights.

Keep improving yourself stress-free

Micro-enhancements at a time

Big5profiles is extremely well suited for team formation and development. By having a clear overview of team-member’s preferences in a team, it is possible to enhance and better support the team (emphasis: enable and empower the people).

We enable you to set up your ideal team composition. In this way you ensure that all team members come into their own and can operate to the maximum of their capacity. Gradually improving.

Een strakke en duidelijke analyse over mijn persoonlijkheid in 15 min!
– Bob Kloppenburg
Business Developer

Ik heb de test gedaan op het Big5Profiles platform, helemaal herkenbaar en mooi dashboard!
– Eveline Klok
Interim projectmanagement

Ik herkende mij goed in het profiel. Ik weet nu in welke richting ik moet zoeken en kijken om te gaan solliciteren.
– Suwingel Burm-Sebastiana
Persoonlijk begeleider

Ik herkende mezelf helemaal in het profiel.
– Joyce Dur
Scrum Master

Do you want to know what your strengths are, just like Joyce, Eveline and Bob?

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Free stress prevention in management

As a team manager it can sometimes be difficult to deal with all the emotions and stress of your colleagues. Comments that take you by surprise or resistance to proposals you didn’t anticipate. How do you deal with that?

What can you achieve with a personality test?

You may have thought: "another personality test" before. We hear you. These tests are often carried out, after which the outcome is discussed for a few days. Unfortunately, the people at your organisation quickly forget those static insights and do not actively act upon the newly gained knowledge. The reports proceed to disappear in to the top of a shelf and that’s the end of it. What a pity! When a personality test is given a chance to actively be used, that’s where the magic happens. No more static insights without follow-ups. In our blogs we like to explain how you can get that value from the personality test.

Curious about how 'creepy' accurate we are about your personality?